Re: Needed: a new atlas of the ancient world. (off topic)

Edgar Krentz (
Thu, 23 Jan 1997 11:47:48 -0600

Dale Wheeler wrote:

>Recently I want to prepare an overhead from one of them (I won't mention
>which one, but I checked a couple others and they were the same) and when I
>looked at the placement of the Roman provinces, geographic areas, and
>cities I thought I must be looking at it sideways or something; virtually
>NOTHING was in the correct location. Luckily the program allowed me to move
>things around !!
>Just a word to the wise (ie., check against several standard up-to-date [as
>much as they can be !!] maps)...

Oxford University Press advertizes a new setof Bible Maps on CD-ROM. They
were on display at the SBL meeting in New Orleans, but I did not have the
opportunity to study them. If anyone has looked at them, I would appreciate
a critical review.

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