Re: Ephesians 2:1 - KAI *hUMAS*

Micheal Palmer (
Sat, 25 Jan 1997 19:47:51 -0800 (PST)

At 8:28 AM -0600 1/24/97, Carl W. Conrad wrote:

>It seems to me that the identity of the opening phrases in 2:1 and 2:5 in
>all >respects apart from the accusative personal pronoun makes it clear
>that >SUNEZWOPOIHSEN TWi CRISTWi is the intended verb taking that
>accusative as a >direct object. There will, no doubt, still be those who
>want to call it an >"accusative absolute" simply because its verb is so
>far removed and they want >to tag every word in terms of its clearest
>syntactical link. But the whole >sequence of 2:1-2:5 makes it abundantly
>clear what's going on.


Jonathan: I think Carl has written about as good an explanation of the
opening phrase of 2:1 as you can get.

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