eis to panteles

Mike A Porter (nikeo@juno.com)
Mon, 21 Apr 1997 15:50:32 PST

Has anyone examined the meaning of eis to panteles, specifically as it
occurs in Heb 7:25?

It occurs one other time, in Luke, I think, about the woman who was sick
and could not straigten up "not at all".

I am wondering, several have mentioned that it could take on the sense of
eis to aiwna, since Psalm 110:4 is cited, and that is the form in the
LXX, however, some also say that it could assume to meanings, for all
time, and completely (Reinecker, Linguistic Key to the GNT).

In this sense, what role does entugkanein play exegetically? Does it
take on the sense of mesiths, or is it even more specific?

Michael Porter