Tetragrammaton and Norwegian Bible Society

Williams, Wes (Wes.Williams@echostar.com)
Tue, 12 Aug 1997 11:26:48 -0600


I am aware of the fact that the Norwegian Bible Society has published at
least one translation in the Madagassan language with the divine Name in
the New Testament. I do not know of others by the Norwegian Bible
Society although there may be more.
Based upon any knowledge you have of the translator's reasons for so
doing, and based upon all that has discussed on b-greek already both pro
and con, does this issue come down to Translation Principles used by the
For example, James 5:10 "the prophets spoke in the name of the Lord."
As I understand it, on the one hand some translation committees go by
what is textually correct (KURIOS) and others go by what they think is
factually correct, appealing to the authority of the Hebrew Scriptures
for use of the divine Name. Are these the reasons used by some of the
Norwegian Bible Society Translators, if you are aware of those reasons?

Wes Williams