Glen Riddle (
Thu, 06 Nov 1997 13:29:37 -0700

William Banjo-Boyd,
I checked out "Methodist" in Klein's Etymological Dict. of the Engl.
Lang.; orig.
applied to Johnny and Chuck because of their "methodical practices" I
don't know
how many hours a day they practiced on their methodical, or if they had
just one
and had to share time or they each had their own., but,,,"method" comes
from MF
m'ethode, fr. L. methodus fr. Greek methodos "pursuit, scientific
inquiry, method
of inquiry, method" litt. a "going after". from meta and hodos. So, I
guess you
could call them
"Going Afterists". Try that next time you see one and see if they
acknowledge the
gpr wrote:

> I had always heard that the term "Methodist" was originally a term of
> derision, making fun of the "methods" these people used for spiritual
> But looking at the Greek word for "Disciple," I wonder, is their any
> connection between "Methodist" and MAQHTHS?
> William Boyd