Re: von Soden to verify Ropes

Edward Hobbs (
Thu, 20 Nov 1997 12:21:22 -0500 (EST)

Clay Bartholomew writes:

Edward wrote:
I checked my Editio VIII Minor of Tischendorf, which doesn't give it;
unfortunately, my Editio Maior consists of only Vols. I and III--
thus is missing exactly the volume Clay needs.
So that's the best I can do without using the library, which requires
time I'm short on just now.

Thanks to Edward for his helpful insights. One more question.

A few years ago I saw a poor quality reproduction of Tischendorf Editio
VIII in a used book store. This edition was in *two* volumns. Is this
what you mean by the *Editio VIII Minor* ? If one were looking for
Tischendorf, this is not the edition they would want? Correct?

Thanks again.

Clay Bartholomew
Three Tree Point

Edward now writes:

(Speaking only of the 8th edition): The Editio Minor is a one-volume
edition of the text found in the Editio Maior, but with a much reduced
apparatus, and a much smaller page-size and type-size.

Volume III consists of the Prolegomena by C. Gregory; so the 2-volume
set Clay saw may have been a reproduction of the two text-volumes only.
But I don't know.

My Volume II was not stolen or lost; I simply never could buy one. My
Volume I was Kirsopp Lake's copy, which he used while at Lincoln College,
Oxford. His tiny annotations in the margins are an education in

Happily, I also possess Tischendorf's fifth and seventh editions.
But of course it is the 8th (Maior) which is the masterpiece.

Edward Hobbs