Books Query.

I'll take advantage of the recent quiet on this list to ask advice on a
couple of books...

1] First a OT-Greek question: I'm looking to get a Septuagint, both greek
and a straight-forward english translation.  The new CBD catalogue lists:

    Septuagint, GBS 1979, reprint of 1935 ed., Rahfls.
    (Presumably greek only.)

    Septuagint with Apocrypha, Sir Lancelot C.L. Brenton.  
    (Greek/english in parallel columns.)

Can anyone comment on either of these?  If these are not the ones I want,
what should I get?

2] The CBD also lists the _Anchor Bible Dictionary_.  (I take it that this
is new?)  Again, comments please?  How would this compare with, say, the
IDB [Interpreter's Dictionary of the Bible].

3] Any advice/suggestions on how to get a copy of either of the following
(I've check CBD and all the obvious places around Cambridge/Boston):

    Farmer's book on the Synoptic Problem.
    (Every discussion of the SP that I've seen references Farmer's
    book --perhaps more for balance than anything else-- but I've yet
    to find a copy anywhere.  It should be at least interesting to
    see what he has to say for oneself.)
    Goodspeed's translation of the NT/The "Chicago" Bible.

4] Finally, pointers to any easily accessible mail-order sources other than

Hope you're all enjoying your summer.

Thanks much