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Hi there,

I've recently started learning greek, and am now looking for a greek
on-line bible (UBS 3rd edition or Nestle-Aland 26th).

I've looked up some old mails from the MailJC digest, and has there found
your name associated with online bibles.

Could you answer these questions:

	The program that you mention to read/process the Penn. Univ.
	bibles, is that now available? If so, I will be interested in 
	getting a copy, including the UBS text and some of the more recent
	translations (NIV, RSV).

	If not so, how do I get hold of the bible texts from Penn. Univ.?
	Are they free of charge for personal use?

I'd appreciate if you could take the time to help me in this search.

Thanks in advance,

-- Per.

Per Baekgaard, Pine Tree Systems, Denmark
email: peb@pine.dk   or   ...!mcsun!dkuug!pine!peb