CHRISTIANS ARE BEING DUPED!

               The following information is an HONEST CRITICISM of
          Christianity.  It should be debated, NOT suppressed:

               Most Christians would agree, and correctly so, that
          Jesus Christ was a perfect living Master, and a projection of
          God into the physical world, God Incarnate.

               But there are some very important related facts that
          Christians are COMPLETELY IGNORANT of, as are followers of
          most other world religions.

               First, Jesus Christ was NOT unique, John 3:16 NOTWITH-
          STANDING.  There is ALWAYS at least one such perfect living
          Master (God Incarnate) PHYSICALLY ALIVE in this world AT ALL
          TIMES, a continuous succession THROUGHOUT HISTORY, both
          before and after the life of Jesus.

               The followers of some of these Masters founded the
          world's major religions, usually PERVERTING the teachings of
          their Master in the process.  Christians, for example, added
          THREATS of "ETERNAL DAMNATION" in Hell, and DELETED the
          teaching of REincarnation.

               Secondly, and more importantly, after a particular
          Master physically dies and leaves this world, there is
          NOTHING that He can do for ANYbody except for the relatively
          few people that He INITIATED while He was still physically

               Therefore, all those Christians who worship Jesus, and
          pray to Jesus, and expect Jesus to return and save them from
          their sins, are only KIDDING THEMSELVES, and have allowed
          themselves to be DUPED by a religion that was mostly
          MANUFACTURED by the Romans.

               And emotional "feelings" are a TOTALLY DECEIVING
          indicator for religious validity.

               These things are similarly true for followers of most
          other major world religions, including Islam.

               Thirdly, the primary function of each Master is to tune
          His Initiates into the "AUDIBLE LIFE STREAM" or "SOUND
          CURRENT", (referred to as "THE WORD" in John 1:1-5, and as
          "The River of Life" in Revelation 22:1), and to personally
          guide each of them thru the upper levels of Heaven while they
          are still connected to their living physical bodies by a
          "silver cord".

               True Salvation, which completes a Soul's cycles of
          REincarnation in the physical and psychic planes, is achieved
          only by reaching at least the "SOUL PLANE", which is five
          levels or universes above the physical universe, and this
          canNOT be done without the help of a Perfect LIVING Master.

               One such perfect Master alive today is an American, Sri
          Harold Klemp, the Living "Eck" Master or "Mahanta" for the
          "Eckankar" organization, now headquartered in Minneapolis,
          (P.O. Box 27300;  zip 55427).

               Another perfect living Master is Maharaj Charan Singh
          Ji, now living in Punjab, India, and is associated with the
          "Sant Mat" organization.

               One of the classic books on this subject is "THE PATH OF
          THE MASTERS" (Radha Soami Books, Gardena, CA), written in
          1939 by Julian Johnson, a theologian and surgeon who spent
          the last years of his life in India studying under and
          closely observing the Sant Mat Master of that time, Maharaj
          Sawan Singh Ji.

               Several of the Eckankar books, including some authored
          by Sri Paul Twitchell, can be found in most public and
          university libraries and some book stores, or obtained thru
          inter-library loan.

               Many Christians are likely to confuse the Masters with
          the "Anti-Christ", which is or was to be a temporary world
          dictator during the so-called "last days".  But the Masters
          don't ever rule, even when asked or expected to do so as
          Jesus was.

               People who continue following Christianity, Islam, or
          other orthodox religions with a physically DEAD Master, will
          CONTINUE on their cycles of REincarnation between the psychic
          planes and this MISERABLE physical world, until they finally
          WISE UP!


               The book "HERE AND HEREAFTER", by Ruth Montgomery,
          describes several kinds of evidence supporting REincarnation
          as a FACT OF LIFE, including HYPNOTIC REGRESSIONS to past
          lives, SPONTANEOUS RECALL (especially by young children, some
          of whom can identify their most recent previous relatives,
          homes, possessions, etc.), DREAM RECALL of past life experi-
          ences, DEJA VU (familiarity with a far off land while travel-
          ing there for the first time on vacation), the psychic read-
          ings of the late EDGAR CAYCE, and EVEN SUPPORTING STATEMENTS
          FROM THE CHRISTIAN BIBLE including Matthew 17:11-13 (John the
          Baptist was the REINCARNATION of Elias.) and John 9:1-2 (How
          can a person POSSIBLY sin before he is born, unless he LIVED
          BEFORE?!).  [ ALWAYS use the "KING JAMES VERSION".  Later
          versions are PER-VERSIONS! ]

               The teaching of REincarnation also includes the LAW OF
          KARMA (Galatians 6:7, Revelation 13:10, etc.).  People would
          behave much better toward each other if they knew that their
          actions in the present will surely be reaped by them in the
          future, or in a FUTURE INCARNATION!

          "2nd COMINGS"

               If a Perfect Living Master physically dies
          ("translates") before a particular Initiate of His does, then
          when that Initiate physically dies ("translates"), the Master
          will meet him on the Astral level and take him directly to
          the Soul Plane.  This is the ONE AND ONLY correct meaning of
          a 2nd Coming.  It is an INDIVIDUAL experience, NOT something
          that happens for everyone all at once.  People who are still
          waiting for Jesus' "2nd Coming" are WAITING IN VAIN.


               The physical universe is the LOWEST of AT LEAST a DOZEN
          major levels of existence.  Above the Physical Plane is the
          Astral Plane, the Causal Plane, the Mental Plane, the Etheric
          Plane (often counted as the upper part of the Mental Plane),
          the Soul Plane, and several higher Spiritual Planes.  The
          Soul Plane is the FIRST TRUE HEAVEN, (counting upward from
          the Physical).  The planes between (but NOT including) the
          Physical and Soul Planes are called the Psychic Planes.

               It is likely that ESP, telepathy, astrological
          influences, radionic effects, biological transmutations [see
          the 1972 book with that title.], and other phenomena without
          an apparent physical origin, result from INTERACTIONS between
          the Psychic Planes and the Physical Plane.

               The major planes are also SUB-DIVIDED.  For example, a
          sub-plane of the Astral Plane is called "Hades", and the
          Christian Hell occupies a SMALL part of it, created there
          LESS THAN 2000 YEARS AGO by the EARLY CATHOLIC CHURCH by some
          kind of black magic or by simply teaching its existence in a
          THREATENING manner.  The Christian "Heaven" is located
          elsewhere on the Astral Plane.  Good Christians will go there
          for a short while and then REincarnate back to Earth.


               The Christian religion demands of its followers an
          extraordinary amount of BLIND FAITH backed up by little more
          than GOOD FEELING (which is TOTALLY DECEIVING).

               If a person is not HEARING some form of the "SOUND
          then his cycles of REINCARNATION in this MISERABLE world WILL

               The "SOUND CURRENT" manifests differently for different
          Initiates, and can sound like a rushing wind, ocean waves on
          the sea shore, buzzing bees, higher-pitched buzzing sound,
          various heavenly music, or other sounds.  In Eckankar,
          Members start hearing it near the end of their first year as
          a Member.  [I am a 2nd Initiate in Eckankar, and well into my
          5th year of Membership.]  This and other experiences (such as
          "SOUL TRAVEL") REPLACE blind faith.

               UN-altered REPRODUCTION and DISSEMINATION of this
          IMPORTANT Information is ENCOURAGED.

                                            Robert E. McElwaine