Re: Mystics on the Internet

I should probably warn people on OT and NT lists that I was recently asked
for information regarding these lists for publication in a print and
electronic journal which includes many religious lists.  The title was,
I thought, a cute attempt at playing between religion and high tech, such
as a mystics guide to religion on the Internet.  I have received many
subscriptions recently, perhaps from this, perhaps from my recent posts
to these nets regarding each other and how to subscribe.  I know the
majority of them have been people with university and seminary email
addresses, and thus appropriate to the content of this list.

But perhaps some mystics have decided to post to every list listed in some
electronic mass mailing junk.  A little can be tolerated, I will see what
can be done if it becomes excessive.

I am on a trip to Dallas next week, and then there are a few of us with
ideas about making these lists more active and more interesting.  We will
work toward that end starting Sept 28th when I get back.

Until then remember David refraining from killing a heckler on the road,
"Perhaps God is trying to tell me something through this madman."

Then again, perhaps not.

All for now,