Online Bible version 6 now available

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In the past you expressed interest in the Online Bible version 5 for
the IBM PC.

Version 6 of OLB is now available and is on wuarchive.wustl.edu
( cd /doc/bible and get the readme.txt file for info
about the different modules.  If you are using version 5, you
need to get ALL the modules again and RE-INSTALL.

About half the modules are in /doc/bible, and the other half are
temporarily in /pub/bible.  These will be moved soon to /doc/bible.
So, if your looking for something in the readme.txt file and its
not in /doc/bible, check /pub/bible.

Version 6 is a major revision.  The biggest change is that the
basic text module now comes in a combined AV/Darby Bible with
Webster's 1833 word updates.  The Darby Bible is very similar to
to the NASB, and FF. Bruce said it is the most accurate English
translation.  (Not meant to spark arguments about translations).

The topics are revised and work in a point'n'shoot manner.
The cross refs as previously used were taken from 'Treasury of
Scripture Knowledge', and now there is an addition set of modules
which contain textual notes from the same source. These use
alot of disk space, but are well worth it.  You will see them
as 'TSK' modules.

Hebrew and Greek verb parsing is now available when you display
Strong's numbers.

There is also a typeset manual available for $5.  More info is
found in 'to-order.doc' after installation.

attached below is the faq sheet which comes with OLB version 6.

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The Online Bible

_What is New in Version 6 from Version 5?_

o Huge topic disk includes over 4200 topics from the original
Thompson Chain plus hundreds of topics from the 1897 New
Topical Textbook plus much other resource material.
o Strong's numbers carefully revised, find an error and win $10
o 100,000 verb parsings added to Authorised Version
o English frequency counts added to Hebrew Lexicon
o Greek lexicon heavily revised for accuracy
o 580,474 cross references for the whole Bible
o Bilingual Versions, AV plus Strong's plus European languages
o Hypertext features added to Notes facility, point and shoot
o Up to four independcnt sets of notes can be accessed in a carousel
o Alternate lexicon for your word studies
o Updated 1833 Webster Bible included free with AV versions
o Manual completly rewritten by a professional English publisher

_Scholar's Pack Description_
o Requires about 14 megabytes on a hard disk on IBM PC, 384K
and DOS 2.11 or later.
o The basic text for the Online Bible is the 1769 Authorised Version
(AV or KJV) indexed using Strong's numbers. The 1833 Webster
update is included free as a footnote toggle. Also the extremely
accurate 1890 Darby version is part of the base package. Other
Bible texts are available.
o 100,000 verbs parsings and definitions
o English definitions of Biblical Greek and Hebrew words.
Knowledge of Greek and Hebrew is NOT required.
o Lexicon based on Thayer's and Smith's Bible Dictionary plus
others; this is keyed to the large Kittel and the Theological
Dictionary of the New Testament. The Old Testament is Brown,
Driver, Briggs, Gesenius Lexicon; this is keyed to the
"Theological Word Book of the Old Testament."
o Lexicon is in text format and you can easily change it using UED.
o 580,474 cross references from the Treasury of Scripture
Knowledge and others. You can instantly recall and display the
cross references.
o Menu driven design with extensive context sensitive helps
o Almost any monitor can be used. Supports 43-line EGA, 28-line
VGA, and 50-line VGA, and others.
o Complete search facilities include, word, phrase, multiple words,
and much more. Searches may use AND, OR and NOT operators
to select verses. Searches may be restricted.
o You can search using Strong's numbers and access the definitions.
You can print a passage with all the numbers and the definitions
of the words used in that passage. This saves hours of time for
those doing detailed Bible studies.
o Verses can be selected for printing or saving to ASCII files for
inclusion in most word processing documents.
o TSR to copy verses directly into your word processors.
o Quick Print for rapid printing of verses, notes, topics or
definitions. Data can be accumulated to a file instead of being
o Printing can be attractively formatted with page breaks
o Bulletin board version for users that would like to try the program
or do not have a hard disk to run the program.
o Visually Impaired option for use with scrccn reader hardware.
o All verses displayed in context or out of context
o You can add notes of any size to a verse using the supplied text
o Cross references can be added to notes for automatic recall.
o You can define 32,767 topical entries.
o Includes Topics Disk described in "Add-On Modules"
o Dictionary of the words unique to the Bible allows you to spell
check most documents having Bible passages.
o a combincd AV and 1947 RSV is available also

Classical Package
o Four Greek texts in one combined version, 1550 Stephanus,
Scrivener 1894, Majority, and Nestle's
o 1977 Stuttgartensia Hebrew Consonantal Text
o Displays transliterated text on CGA and old monochromc monitors
o Displays actual Greek and Hebrew on EGA and VGA monitors
o Support included to print in Greek and Hebrew on most printers
o This is not an interlinear, order only if you have had one year of
Greek or Hebrew at a college.

Foreign Versions
All bilingual versions include the AV and a foreign language text,
Strong's numbers, verb parsings and the lexicons. The following
foreign versions are available:

o Bilingual AV and Spanish 1989 RVA
o Bilingual AV and French 1910 Louis Segond
o Bilingual AV and Gcnnan 190S or 1985 Darby Elberfelder
o Bilingual AV and Dutch Saten Vertaling
o Bilingual AV and Creole Version (Haiti)

Please write our Europcan distributor for ordering and pricing

Peter van der Schelde,
Online Bible Ministries, St. Publishare,
P.O. Box 9187, 3301 AD Dordrecht, Netherlands,
Tel: (31)- (0)78- 163853
or Fax: (31) - (0)78 - 211111

New European languages are being added every month or so.
Italian, Danish, Portuguese are planned for the next year.

Additional Add-On Modules
We are creating add-on notes and topics modules for the Online

o Scofield Refenence Bible Notes
- the entire set of Scofield notes from the original Scofield
Reference Bible
- these are written exactly as in the original without any
intentional changes

o Topics Disk
- Original Thompson Chain References (Improved)
- Westminster Confession of Faith
- Spurgeon's Catechism
- Torrey's New Topical Textbook
- Bible and Science Questions and Answers
- plus much other material
- this module included free with all versions

o Treasury of Scripture Knowledge Verse Notes
- entire text of thc Treasury available
- almost 600,000 cross refercnces
- much valuable Bible commentary and background information
- in new easy to use format just point at a line of cross
references for part of a verse and look at those verses.
- this requires seven megs of hard disk space. If you have the
room we strongly recommend that you get a copy.

The Greek text is being parsed and keyed to Strong's numbers.
This should be ready by the middle of next year. After that we plan
to do the Hebrew.

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