mysterious messianic body

Bob Kraft writes:

>So the singular seed, Messiah Jesus, is but one
>dimension of the corporate messianic seed, which includes all
>those who share the messianic sufferings/woes, live by the
>messianic law, etc.

Why do you think this explanation explains Paul use of the singular plural
seed better than the one I suggested?  With the view you expressed we would
expect Paul to be arguing that seed is *both* SINGULAR *and* PLURAL not what
he appears to be arguing, IT MUST BE SINGULAR, because IT ISN'T PLURAL.  Under
the view I proposed he is arguing instead, "It doesn't mean ALL, it only
mean ONE group."

When you suggest it is "mysterious" what do you mean by that?  Why do you
resort to a "mysterious" understanding?  And upon what authority do you
think Paul is basing his "mysterious" claim?  His own authority as an
apostle understanding the Old Testament in a way which is not clear from
the text itself, or the objective authority of the Old Testament in a way
which can be understood fromthe text itself.

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