Paul's optometry and the list was misnamed

Tom Geer askes about:

>Gal. 4:15: "If possible, you would have dug out your eyes and given them to
>me."I have a gut feeling that this is an idiom similar to our "you'd give me

I have accepted the working assumption that problems with Paul's eyes were
the thorn in his flesh which he asked the Lord to remove, some have suggested
what ailments would have caused the condition described in his conversion
experience (aside from divine intervention) in his blindness and later
restored sight.  Paul's eyesight is also given as the reason why when he
writes in his own hand he writes with such large letters.

Thus I think the phrase is peculiar to Paul because he suffered from
eye problems, and looking for the phrase elsewhere will prove unprofitable.
If it was ever found elsewhere, it would be strong evidence against what I
have always excepted as my working assumption, and I would change my

On a different note I named these two lists NT-GREEK and OT-HEBREW hastily
and would probably rename them in retrospect.  I wanted to distinguish the
lists from a discussion of the English Bible, and let people know it would
consider the understanding of the original languages.  My intention was
"Interpreting the Koine Scriptures" and "Interpreting the Hebrew Scriptures"
with the idea that any translation involves interpretation.

Additionally, my purpose in trying to respond to most postings is because
the list has been quiet far too long, especially for the number of people
who are listening in.  I have a number of ideas why things might be quiet,
but I decided I would take more time to actively suggest topics and engage
in sharpening our minds through discussion and debate.

The list of scholars reading these postings is impressive, and intimidating
even for a medium such as the Internet, where it is completely leveling in
the discussion, and anyone can talk as long as they like.  So people who
do not hold academic chairs have been quiet, and those with academic chairs
have joined this list, perhaps mostly to make certain if something interesting
did happen, they wouldn't miss it.  But their own postings go to all of the
other forums which they are used to communicating through (e.g. IOUDAIS, etc.)

Anyway, if anyone wants to suggest a name change, I am open to ideas.  It has
to be under 8 characters for the bitnet people, NEWTEST and HEBBIBLE perhaps?
(It also occurred to me that OT-HEBREW shunned Jewish scholars which was one
group I was most interested in gaining their insights).

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