Tom Geer writes:

>1)  I would greatly suspect that when the author (or even editor) of Gen 15
>used the term "seed" he would have naturally concluded that Abraham's seed
>was the nation of Israel.

It is interesting to say that the seed is the nation of Israel, recognizing
that the author clearly calls Ishmael Abraham's seed in one place, and then
says that Abraham's seed will not be named through Ishmael in another.

All throughout Genesis the author seems to be dealing with a "line of faith"
verses a "line of rebellion to God."  I think the term seed of X is similar
to the term "son of X" it can be a decendant or it can be one who is similar
in a given quality.  If the author has already suggested that it isn't
simply descendancy (because of Ishmael) then you have two choices:

1) It is very complex. i.e. decendancy PLUS some quality

2) Or it is the other option, some quality, which in Abraham's case would
   clearly be faith, and therefore include the Gentiles in Paul's day, and
   give a new meaning to the promise "By being counted among Abraham's
   offspring all the nations shall be blessed."

I am counter posting this to the OT-HEBREW list to ask if there is support
aside from the Abraham account for "seed of X" being quality rather than
decendancy.  I seem to remember there was when studying this passage, but
can't recall.

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