Training children

David Marotta writes in investigation of Proverbs 22:6.  He interprets
"according to his way" to mean according to his selfish choices.  Is
this right David?  I don't want to misunderstand you.  If this is in
fact the "way" in which your leaning, then I offer the following
feedback. I don't believe that "according to his way" entails a
description of depravity, but rather a hint of personality design.  If
God designs and determines personalities within the genetic code (as
much current research would support) then it would follow that a
persons personality would be entirely unique to his or her self.  This
as a given, you would tailor the training of your child to the way in
which they would best respond.  I'm not privy to depending upon
scientific research as support for biblical concepts (not that they are

authority  than scripture.  Let me then offer Psalm 139:3,13-15 as a
scscriptural basis for the unique personality of each person.  I don't
believe it is that the parents can condition their child in such a way
that the effect is permanent (personality can be altered but not tran-
sformed), and I don't think that "according to his way" entails
promot-ing self-centerdness.  What do you think?  I'm sure you have a
response!  John Tinnin jdt2u@virginia.edu
P.S.  No message on Poe, and when can I get the bible disc?