Paul and Midrash

David John Marotta writes:
>I . . . have come to the conclusion that Paul is not using
>Midrash techniques, which I would call wrong . . .
You can't be serious.  If this is the case, then you have not
read Hays' book (_Echoes of Scripture in Pauls' Letters_) and
you do not agree with the quote I gave you from his book, not 100%,
not even 10%!
>Is there any methodology which you would be willing to label wrong?
>Again, I ask, on what basis?
Yours.  On the basis that it does not appear to be dealing with
Paul within his own social, literary, etc. etc. context.  "Paul is
not using Midrash techniques"???   Come on, David!
Bewildered, but not belligerent  :-)
Gary D. Collier