Faith and Knowledge

David John Marotta writes:

> Paul J. Bodin writes:
> >I would add that it seems to me that Paul distinguishes carefully
> >between faith and knowledge...
> Can you elaborate further with a definition of each, and how they work
> (or don't work) together?

I think we are straying rather far afield from "NT-Greek", and don't
wish to belabor the point.  It seems to me, however, that St. Paul was
aware that our world is ultimately mysterious, i.e., not ultimately
knowable.  Paul's answer was faith: "Jesus is Lord".  Paul makes that
statement from faith, not knowledge, and thus finds a point of order
that gives life in a mysterious world a stable and meaningful center.
Of course Paul would not express it this way, since he was not an
existentialist, but I don't think this expression does violence to his

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