Paul's Method

Robert Low states re the quote from Richard Hays:
     >Isn't there a problem with this in that it doesn't logically
     >follow?  There is nothing to stop one getting to the truth
     >via an invalid argument based on mistaken hypotheses
I do have some difficulty with Hays' argument, but not for the reason
you state here.  I would argue (generally) that hermeneutic methodology
(by definition) is a function of and tool for culture:  to bring
text to life.  Methods suitable in one culture, time, and place,
may not be suitable, or understandable, in another.  That does not
make them wrong.  I refered to Hays' excellent book in the first
place because he addresses the problem in a detailed context of
how Paul interprets Scripture.  As I understood the discussion
going on at the time (on this list), that was a live question.

Gary D. Collier