Re: Credentials?

I suspect that my credentials would be found lacking by some in NT-GREEK. 
(Mind you, I was invited to join this list at it's creation without no
question regarding my credentials.)  However, I'm curious as to exactly how
credentials are used to form logical argument.

If I make a statement that is simply outlandish.  It *is* outlandish,
whether I am ignorant, or well educated.  Similarly, if I make a statement
which is true, it makes no difference whether I make it due to my
background, simple dumb luck, or because God has revealed that truth to me.

I will not argue the translation of Greek.  I feel quite inadequate in that
regard.  However, if someone *does* feel up to the task, I think that the
list should be open to a discussion of the relative merits of their

If someone asks a question, which (you) do not feel warrants a reply, by
all means, do not reply.  If someone makes a statement which you consider
to be indefensible, and you feel moved to set the record straight, simply
voice your view and support it.  If you do not wish to be bothered, delete
the message, (as I do with most) or unsubscribe from the list.

                                        Tom Blake
                                        Binghamton University