Just do it!

I have been involved in the discussions of the last few days, and
frankly I am not certain who has been slapped and for what
messages.  But I do know this:  Since I signed on a year ago,
this list has been short on substantive discussions.
Occasionally a good NT text topic will come up, but discussion is
short or non-existent.  (E.g., I tried to generate some
discussion on conditional sentences in the NT, esp. Matthew, but
aside from Edward Hobbs, there was very little response.)  It
appears as though there is enough interest by enough people to
have quality, focussed discussions on NT text topics.  My
suggestion is:  "Just do it!"
Gary D. Collier
University of Denver/Iliff School of Theology
P.S.:  I do not mean to discount anyone's frustration, I merely suggest
       a solution.  If we want good discussions, let's have them.