On the apocalypse

First, I should let you know that I am an undergraduate student at Dickinson 
College, and I am new to this list.  I have found the discussion on this list 
to be interesting and insightful so far, and now I'm asking for your input on 
something I am struggling with in my Greek class.

I don't know if this is totally acceptable or not for this list, but it has 
to do with my New Testament Greek class.  We are studying the apocalypse and 
are up to chapter 7 of Revelation.  We had a lengthy discussion this morning 
about whether the imagery of the book should be taken literally or not.  We 
struggled with the concept of the wrath of the Lamb presented in Rev. 6:16.  
One person really didn't feel that any of the images should be taken 
literally and that everyone would be saved.  I cannot agree with his 
statement that everyone will be saved.  As far as a literal interpretation 
here, I don't know.  Can anyone shed some light here?  If this is not 
appropriate for the list, feel free to respond to me directly.

--Jenn Beckley