Collecting postings of NT-GREEK and OT-HEBREW

NT-GREEK especially has had more activity in the last month than the previous
year.  Hopefully the list will continue to be active, but if you are like
me, your mailbox has become painfully full of messages, only some of which
are interesting enough to read, and finding other mail is difficult.

I can CHANGE THE NT-GREEK AND OT-HEBREW LISTS in the following way.  They
will collect messages and send them in batches based on a timed value and
a size value, sending a 'collection' if, for example, the messages are
greater than 20,000 bytes or the time is greater than 24 hours.  I think
this should help some of us at compartmentalizing the chore of reading
these lists.  I can set people up to receive the digested format, the
immediate messages, or even BOTH.  I am currently trying out the digested
version by starting to receive it myself in addition to the normal version.
My opinion is that the digested version is a good idea, and should be the
default (perhaps the only option), but I thought I should check with the
list first for opinions.  In order to keep the responses from interfering
with the subject matter of the list reply privately to me with your thoughts
if you have an suggestions.  My inclination is to implement the digested
version only at 20,000 bytes or 24 hours whichever comes first.

I hope this will help grow NT-GREEK, especially, to be more useful information
and less noise and clutter.  This change should take place as soon as I
am comfortable with the implementation, so don't unsubscribed because of the
clutter until I have a chance to implement it.


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