Classical Greek textbooks

In response to Gary Collier's inquiry about introductory textbooks for
Classical Greek:
	The nearest thing to a "standard" these days (and the best one
to my personal knowledge) is GREEK: AN INTENSIVE COURSE, by Hardy Hansen and
Gerald M. Quinn (New York: Fordham Univ. Press).  Be sure to look at the 
Second Revised Edition (1992) rather than the Revised Edition (1987).
Quinn was killed in an auto accident last year, but this edition was
already at the Press when he died.  The text was modeled (more or less)
on the wonderful LATIN: AN INTENSIVE COURSE, which I'm sure all of
you know.

--Edward Hobbs
 P.S.:  If I have time, I'll comment on the NT Greek texts and grammars
later.  That, my friends, is a quagmire!