Husband of one wife

1 Timothy and Titus yield 4 parallel texts on this topic:
    1T 3:2  -- mias gunaikos andra
    1T 3:12 -- mias gunaikos andres   (!)
    1T 5:9  -- enos andros gunh
    TI 1:6  -- mias gunaikos anhr

A TLG check would be very interesting.  The NRSV translates all as
"married only once," while the NIV has "the husband of but one wife,"
except for 1T 5:9 which is "faithful to her husband."  The problem
of translation for these phrases is, of course, long-standing.  It
would seem to me that (1) 1T 5:9 should figure prominantly in the
discussion inasmuch as it is parallel, by the same author, in the
same document;  and (2) a TLG search is mandatory for providing
other possible parallels of the phrase(s).  

Gary D. Collier
University of Denver/Iliff School of Theology