Re: Uncial Greek Font

Tim Finney Writes:

>I am transcribing uncial Greek NT mss using a Mac. In transcription it is
>best to use a font which looks as close to the script being transcribed as
>possible. In this way, transcription errors will hopefully be reduced.
>I would like to know whether there is an *uncial* Greek font available for
>the Macintosh.

    I let TurboGopher do the walking, and found a shareware Uncial greek
font.  (Or so I assume since it's called Uncial-AP.)  I sent him a copy. 
It's a bitmap font, in 36 and 18 point.

    If you would like to FTP yourselves a copy, it is available from:

rigel.acs.oakland.edu   /pub/macintosh/fonts/uncial-ap.sit
wuachive.wustl.edu      /mirrors4/macintosh/fonts/uncial-ap.sit

                                            Tom Blake
                                            Binghamton University