LIR--Asst.Ed. wanted

LISTS IN REVIEW - Assistant Editor Wanted
     LISTS IN REVIEW, a supplement to the Religious Studies
Publications Journal - CONTENTS, is seeking an assistant editor
to follow this list and provide a periodic summary of subject
keywords which will indicate what has been discussed.  These list
summaries will be compiled by the LIR supplement managing editor
and subsequently announced to subscribers of CONTENTS and archived
on the CONTENTS fileserver.  This collection will allow networked
researchers to quickly survey what has been discussed on several
lists and then retrieve past conversations from a list's logbook.
     LISTS IN REVIEW will record subject keywords of list
conversations.  In keeping with Net etiquette, conversations will
not be abstracted.  Editorial comments will only be added in
order to clarify a subject line and they will be set off from the
original subject line in a distinct manner.  In no case will the
author of the message be identified.
     If you are interested in volunteering your services as an
assistant editor of LIR for this or perhaps another list, please
contact the LIR Supplement managing editor:
Michael T. Bradley, Jr. | E-mail:  mtb3@cunixf.cc.columbia.edu
Department of Religion  | S-Mail:  P.O.D. C, Blacksburg, VA 24063
Columbia University     | V-mail:  (703) 951-3253
The Religious Studies Publications Journal - CONTENTS is an
electronic journal that disseminates table of contents,
abstracts, reviews and ordering information on new and recent
print and electronic publications of relevance to religious
studies.  The CONTENTS Project also electronically publishes
articles, manuscripts, thesis, dissertations, software reviews
and other items of interest to religious studies scholars and
Electronic subscriptions are free; to subscribe, send a mail
message to Listserv@uottawa or listserv@acadvm1.uottawa.ca with
the text: SUBSCRIBE CONTENTS your name.
Inquires regarding the CONTENTS project should be sent to the
project director:
   Michael Strangelove
   Department of Religious Studies
   University of Ottawa
         BITNET:  441495@Uottawa
         Internet:  441495@Acadvm1.Uottawa.CA
         S-mail:  177 Waller, Ottawa, Ontario, K1N 6N5 CANADA
         Voice:  (613) 237-2052
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