Steve Waechter's question about Revelation

I'm not quite sure how widely the net is being thrown here.  May we assume that
Steve has already done the basic homework for journal articles -- i.e.,
checked out everything in New Testament Abstracts for several years past?
I've just glanced through the last four issues, and find that each issue
of the three in 1992 has something along Steve's lines (language/linguistics/
etc.).  The just-arrived 1st issue of 1993 seems not to have any.  About
a year ago I recommended Daryl Schmidt's 1991 article in New Testament
Studies, on Semitisms and Septuaginalisms in Revelation; but there are quite
a few available.

The only unpublished piece I know of will be delivered on March 8th, in
Cambridge (7:00 pm), by Allan Callahan of Harvard Divinity School.
It is "On the Language of the Apocalypse".  (Meeting is of graduate
faculty of Harvard and of universities and divinity schools associated
with Harvard.)  I'll try to remember to send a note as to whether it
might be of help to Steve, if I could get a clearer focus as to what is
needed.  Any clarification, Steve?

--Edward Hobbs