Greek, Concordances and COmputers

It seems that I was a bit too harsh on the Online Bible. From the
discussion up to the point of when I put my two-bits worth, it hadn't
been mentioned that it can also come with a Greek module.

Another software package that I have, and that I think is top-notch is
Linguist's software AnyText. It's a full featured concording and
indexing program that allows boleen proximity searches (and, or, not).
What is so good about it you can use it with any text (hence the
name). They have BHS, LXX, Vulgate, UBS3, and a variety of Englsh
translations, that can all be used with the program. The key is that
they have grammatically-tagged texts, so if you want to search BHS for
all Piel participles, or UBS3 for all aorist ptcs, it takes it about a
second. You can also search for the lemma of any word, so that you
find it in all it's occurances, etc. And of course you can do
combination searches where you look for this certain verb used with
this noun as its subject, but not when this noun is used as its
direct object, etc. It uses the Greek or Hebrew on screen, and will
allow you (for BHS) to search either the consonantal text or the
vocalized one, which is very important for OT studies.

Anyways--once agina I offer my apologies about the Online Bible, but I
was just using it to make my point.


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