EHobbs' reply

Edward Hobbs writes:
>I beg to object, however,
>that I couldn't very well have replied sooner; I responded to Nichael's
>enquiry at once after reading a great stack of postings, on
>NT-GREEK, IOUDAIOS, and LINGUIST.  A few days away, and I had to
>plow through fifty or sixty messages; I replied finally to Nichael,s,
>both directly and on the List.  I decline to be held responsible for
>reading every posting within hours of its arrival; like most of
>the rest of you, I have a heavy schedule, and can get to these Lists
>only irregularly, except in the good ol' summertime.
To illustrate your point even more, Edward, I missed your original reply
altogether!  It was surely my fault:  I am on too many discussion lists,
and must have accidentally erased your message without reading it.  So your
note quoted above should rather have read:  "Read your mail!!!"  (Of
course, you did say that, you were just nice about it.)  :-)
Gary D. Collier
University of Denver/Iliff School of Theology
gcollier@diana.cair.du.edu     (Internet)