Matt.28.1 and John 4.7

Can anyone offer comments on the passage in Matt.28.1 concerning
the time of arrival of the two women to the empty tomb?  The
phrase is 

and could be translated as "Now late on the  sabbath, as dusk was
approaching towards the first day of the week,"  as well as the
usual rendering of being early in the morning on Sunday, as it 
was getting light.  The former translation would place 
the resurrection sometime within about 24 hours after Jesus's 
death; it does not jive with the other gospel accounts and
could, I assume, be possible coincidentally simply because Matthew 
had trouble translating Mark's Roman 
calendar, where early in the 24 hour period and early in the
daylight are the same, into the Jewish idea of early in a 
chronological day being the end of light for the day before it.

Also, in an unrelated text, in John 4.7 the phrase is given
by Jesus to the woman at the well 

This is translated as something like "Give me (something) to drink".
Would this sentence be understood by the woman as a command,
 or could it have been a request made without expecting 
necessarily that the woman would do it?  In that case it really
 shows the powerlessness of Jesus, having even to ask for water
from an enemy woman.

                     David Headly