Re: Matt.28.1 and John 4.7

> On Tue, 23 Mar 1993 HEADLY@fsunuc.physics.fsu.edu wrote:
> > Can anyone offer comments on the passage in Matt.28.1 concerning
> > the time of arrival of the two women to the empty tomb?  The
> > phrase is 
> > 
> > and could be translated as "Now late on the  sabbath, as dusk was
> > approaching towards the first day of the week,"  as well as the
> > usual rendering of being early in the morning on Sunday, as it 
> > was getting light.  
> I'm confused on where the first translation comes from.  I understand the
> ambiguity of )OYE\: it can either mean "late" or "after."  But I am not
> aware of )EPIFW/SKW ever referring to dusk.  BAGD only offers "shine
> forth", "dawn", "break", and perhaps "draw on".  Thus, by implication
> )OYE\ must mean "after."
> Wes Allen
> Emory University
Louw and Nida (Greek-English Lexicon of the NT based on Semantic
Domains) defines )EPIFW/SKW as: "to change from darkness to light in
the early morning hours -- 'to dawn, to become light'" (par. 14.41, p.
174). So I concur with Wes. 

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