PC-KIMMO Morph. parsing

Has anyone out there done any work with PC-KIMMO (the morphological parsing
engine) and New Testament Greek? If so, I'm keen to hear from you.

If not, is there anyone who would be interested in helping write the rules.
This would involve formally and concisely describing
	- regular verb conjugations and noun declensions
	- rules for contractions, elision, etc.
	- irregular verbs (or better, rules for describing the
		transformations that cause the irregularities)
as well as listing all the stems occuring in the New Testament.

-- OR --

jumping straight to my final goal, does anyone have a machine readable
Greek New Testament that includes the stem of each word and the morphological
parsing? I have the Friberg text but it doesn't serve me on two counts:
	- it uses MORE than morphology. (Which is all I want)
	- it won't give me (or more accurately, my computer) the stems.

Even little bits of information would be most appreciated. (word lists, for
example, would be wonderful)

God bless brothers and sisters,

James Tauber