TLG Workplace 2.0

Silver Mountain Software is pleased to announce TLG Workplace 2.0. The 
TLG Workplace 2.0 is a Microsoft Windows 3.1 program for viewing and 
searching the TLG D CD-ROM. 

Features of TLG Workplace 2.0 include: 

View Greek texts with full diacritical marks. Several of the most 
common text symbols and punctuation marks are also displayed (Stigma, 
Alternate Stigma, Koppa, Alternate Koppa, Sampi, Dagger (Crux), 
Question Mark, Asterisk, Slash, Exclamation Mark, Long Vertical Bar, 
Equals Sign, Plus Sign, Ampersand, Colon, Oversize Period, Double 
Dagger, Paragraph Sign, Short Vertical Bar, Broken Vertical Bar Double 
Vertical Bar, Apostrophe). 

On screen bold and italics. 

Movable Toolbar (Top, Right, Left, or off) for opening files, copying 
text to the clipboard, print or view the Canon of Authors and Works. 

When viewing a text, the TLG Canon of Authors and Works can be 
consulted for the work by pressing a button on the Toolbar or by 
selecting the "View Canon" menu item. 

Supports intermixture of Latin and Greek in a single text. 

Search single author or work(s) of an author. 

Search a user built list of authors (includes dialog box to make the 
lists which are stored as a plain ASCII text file) 

Search a date range. When a range of centuries is chosen, all authors 
of each century is searched as a group. Summaries are given for each 
author and each century. Double clicking on an author summary brings up 
the list of matches for that author. Double clicking on a match for the 
author brings up the complete text at the match. 

When a list of matches or a summary of matches is being viewed, all of 
the matches can be copied to the clipboard or printed by highlighting 
the lines and giving the appropriate command. 

Works of authors can be selected for search by specifying a common 
epithet. Thus all works of Epic Poetry or Medical texts can be easily 
searched as a group. 

Searches are typed in Greek. Diacritical marks can be optionally 
entered. The default is to do a double wild card search but word 
boundaries can be indicated. 

AND, OR, and NOT logic is supported. The exactness of a phrase can be 
specified by indicating the number of allowable words (not characters) 
between words in the match phrase. 

The text is displayed with a scalable font which can be easily enlarged 
or reduced. 

True Type and Type 1 Greek, Latin, Hebrew and Coptic fonts are 
provided. These fonts can be used in any Windows application which 
supports fonts. 

The raw beta code can be toggled on and off. 

TLG Workplace copies text to the Windows clipboard as both plain text 
and in Rich Text Format. 

Bookmarks can be set. 

TLG Workplace 2.0 supports the TLG Word Index. Words can be found with 
either a single or double wild card match. The single wild card match 
matches from the start of a word and does a wild card match on the end 
of the word. 

The result of an index search is a list of Greek words and the total 
number of occurrences of the word in the TLG. If you double click on 
the Greek work, a list of all the works in which this word occurs and 
the total for each work is given. If you double click on the summary 
for a given work, that work will be displayed. 

When a index summary is displayed (either the word lists with totals or 
the work list with totals), a search can be launched of that word and 
only the relevant works will be searched. 

The hypertext help system includes the complete manual on-line. 

The TLG Workplace 2.0 costs $85. Updates from TLG Workplace 1.x costs 
$15 via mail or free via email (XXENCODED, ZIPped file). Updates from 
Lbase cost $65. 

The PHI Workplace 2.3 offers similar functions as the TLG Workplace but 
it works with the PHI CD-ROMs #5 & #6. The PHI Workplace costs $85. 

The Coptic Workplace 1.1 views and searches the Coptic New Testament 
and the Nag Hammadi library which are on the PHI CD-ROM #6. 

The three Workplaces can be purchased as a bundle (Workplace Bundle) 
for $145. 

An evaluation copy of TLG Workplace has been uploaded to WSMR-
SIMTEL20.Army.Mil and OAK.Oakland.Edu: 
TLGWP20.ZIP     WIN3: TLGWorkplace: View/search the TLG CD-ROM 

The evaluation version is also available for $15 (plus foreign 
shipping) via mail (3.5" diskettes only). 

Silver Mountain Software can now accept VISA/MC orders 
1029 Tanglewood Dr. 
Cedar Hill, TX 75104-3019 

Voive/Fax (214) 293-2920