I was at Divintas Books here in Cambridge last Friday and they had a number
of (partial) sets of books at what appeared to be good prices.

   _Theological Dictionary of the NT_; $20/volume (some duplicates, but
   missing volumes 2, 5 and 10).

   _Ante-Nicean Fathers_ $18.50/vol (missing a volume or two).

   _Nicean & Post-Nicean Fathers_ $18.50/vol (missing a volume or two).

(These all appear to be new books.  According to the clerk these are
orphans from various remaindered sets.  For example, some of the dust
jackets on the TDNT are of slightly varying shades of purple; they appear
to be of the same edition, but from different printings.)


Standard disclaimers apply:  I have no connection with Divinitas, etc. etc.
etc.  Just passing along information in the event someone might find it
useful.  --N