NA26/ machine readable texts of the Greek NT

Vincent Broman wrote...

> I have decided purely as a courtesy to the ABS to remove the NA26
> text from the FTP filesystem on bugs.nosc.mil .  I do this mainly
> because the Bible Societies get royalties from the licensed copies
> of the text.

	If anyone desires the NA26 text, I suggest that they contact 
Mark Fuller at acus10@waccvm.corp.mot.com  He has the machine 
readable text available.

> Mr. Scanlin said that they were unhappy about the way the Online Bible
> distributes the NA26 text like freeware, and he recognizes that there
> is a difference of opinion about the legal issues of copyright, but they
> are unlikely to take any punitive legal action against OLB, because they
> would look like heavies, and the Society's goal of spreading bible knowledge
> would not be furthered. 

	There is also the matter that they may not have a legal leg to 
stand on. There is the suggestion that a text that is going on it's 
second millenium may have passed into the Public Domain.

 en agape,

Robert Weiss