Greek New Testament text

In response to Susan Shelmerdine's question:
	What you were told (that UBS GNT is out of print) is not true (or at
least wasn't true last week).  They have been promising a new edition for
several years (maybe "threatening" rather than promising?); but the 3rd
edition is still in print.  (Too bad the first isn't.)
	# 103992, with English introduction   $13.95
	Leather binding, # 103998:	      $30.00

Also available with a Greek/English dictionary by B.M.Newman Jr.,
as # 103993, $18.00 -- but I have repeatedly inveighed against this dictionary
in the past, on this List and elsewhere.  BUT -- if the stuent can't afford
the only good dictionary for NT (namely, Bauer's, translated [and altered
for the worse] by Gingrich and Danker, about $55, U of Chicago Press),
perhaps it makes no difference.

The same text, better apparatus but hard-to-read type, is Nestle-Aland 26th,
# 104020, $15.00; large-print edition, # 104006, $23.00; wide-margin edition
for notes, #103991, $24.95.

There is a single handling charge (no shipping charge) of $1.00 for
orders to $20, $1.95 for $20 up to any amount.  You can phone:
	1-800-543-8000 (Credit Cards only, VISA, MC)
	Phone orders,$1.95 charge regardless of amount of order.
The "readable print" specification eliminates the NA26 edition, in
any size; the GNT3 has lovely type much like Oxford's beautiful face
used in its classical texts.

--Edward Hobbs
Wellesley, sometime Harvard and Berkeley