Re: Question about Luke 11:49

On Thu, 1 Jul 1993, Dave Davis wrote:

> In Luke 11:49 ('The Wisdom of God said "I will send
>  them prophets and apostles...") what text might Jesus
>  be quoting?
> Is it related to Proverbs 8 (and elsewhere in Prov. 1-9) ?
> Thanks for any pointers.
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	Joe Fitzmyer's commentary on Luke (Anchor Bible, v. 28A, 1985)) is
probably as definitive as anyone's.  He writes:
	_God's wisdom has said_. So Luke introduces the saying that follows;
	Matt 23:34 puts the saying directly on the lips of Jesus himself.  It
	may sound like a quotation from the OT or from an intertestamental
	Jewish writing.  But its source has never been found.  In what sense
	is "wisdom of God" to be understood? Does it refer to God himself or
	to Jesus? Other NT passages could be invoked in favor of Jesus as
	God's wisdom ( 1 Cor 1:24, 30; 2:7. Col 2:3). Is Luke alluding to
	the implications of 7:35; 11:31? Later patristic commentators
	understood it clearly of Jesus. See Hippolytus, Frg. in Prov
	(PG 10.628); Cyprian, Testim. 2.2 (CSEL 3.64). H. Conzelmann
	(Theology, 110 n. 1) is convinced that for Luke ther is no 
	identification of Jesus and Sophia; here "Spohia is pre-existent,
	but not Jesus."  (p. 950)

Richard Higginbotham
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