I Cor 6:20 - price vs. honor

Sorry about that last garbled message :-(.

As I was saying, I ran into a translation problem in I Cor 6:20 the other
day.  The first clause reads (and pardon my transliteration - I rarely
do this)

	egorasthete gar times
	(all but the last "e" in the first word are "etas")

Now, every translation I have ever seen translates this as "For you have
been bought with a price."  My question is "why must 'times' be translated
'price'?"  I know it is genitive.  Does 'agarao' with genitive (especially
'times' have to mean "with a price"?  What prevents this from being
translated as "For you have been bought because of your value;" or
"For you have been bought for/out of honor"?

Any thoughts?

Gary Brower