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Date:     Thu, 12 Aug 1993 16:56 CST
Subject:  Teaching Greek
To:       nt-greek@virginia
Original_To:  BITNET%"nt-greek@virginia"

I would like any suggestions, comments, advice, etc on the subject of teaching
beginner-level Greek.  I am going to be teaching the first-year Greek course
this year at Mid-America Seminary (Memphis, Tennessee) for the first time, so
I'm eager, yet naive.  Any recommendations on teaching Greek in particular, or
on teaching foreign languages in general, would be greatly appreciated.  By the
way, we're going to use the new textbook by William Mounce (Basics of Biblical
Greek; Zondervan).  Another one of our professors "field-tested" the book this
summer and really liked it.

I'll be looking forward to any and all responses!  Thanks!

Steve Waechter
swaechter@utmem1 (bitnet)
swaechter@utmem1.utmem.edu (internet)