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Date:     Mon, 20 Sep 1993 12:59 CST
Subject:  Mac Online Bible
To:       nt-greek@virginia
Original_To:  BITNET%"nt-greek@virginia"

The latest version of Online Bible for the Macintosh (version 2.04) is
available by anonymous ftp from wuarchive.wustl.edu in /doc/bible/mac.  Files
include Hebrew texts, KJV, RSV, Lexicons, People's NT, Thompson Chain
Reference, Greek texts, and Treasury of Scriptural Knowledge.

On a related note, Zondervan has released version 3.0 of MacBible, which is
available in many translations.

Steve Waechter
swaechter@utmem1 (bitnet)
swaechter@utmem1.utmem.edu (internet)