new issue of FORUM

The following notice from the editor of FORUM may be of interest to the list:

A new double issue of FORUM (7, 3-4) is being mailed as of November 8, 1993.  


Arland J. Hultgren.  Jesus and Gnosis:  The Saying on Hindering Others in Luke 
11:52 and Its Parallels.

David L. Balch.  The Canon:  Adaptable and Stable, Oral and Written.

Mahlon H. Smith.  To Judge the Son of Man:  The Synoptic Sayings.

David Seeley.  Here and There:  A Response to James G. Williams.

Vernon K. Robbins.  Beelzebul Controversy in Mark and Luke:  Rhetorical and 
Social Analysis.

Willi Braun.  The Historical Jesus and the Mission Speech in Q 10:2-12.

Hal Taussig.  The Sexual Politics of Luke's Mary and Martha Account:  An 
Evaluation of the Historicity of Luke 10:38-42.

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