A few questions about FORUM have come my way since my posting announcing the 
production of a new issue the other day.

(Foundations & Facets) FORUM is a scholarly journal, first published in 1985, 
containing current research in biblical and cgnate studies.  The journal 
features articles on the historical Jesus, social phenomena of first- and 
second-century Palestine and the myths manifested in American culture.

Many FORUM articles are outgrowths of Westar Institute seminars (e.g., the Jesus
Seminar).  Recent issues have begun to include contributions on the Hebrew Bible
and articles not originally written for Westar seminar meetings.

The editor of the FORUM is Philip Sellew (author of this posting), to whom 
questions about manuscripts, submissions, etc. should be addressed.

For information about subscriptions (currently US $30.00 a year) or back issues,
please contact the publisher:  Polebridge Press, PO Box 1526, Sonoma CA 95476, 
USA.  Telephone:  707-996-9228.  FAX:  707-996-5022.

Polebridge Press is not on e-mail, so electronic communications may be routed 
through the editor (me) at:  Dept. of Classical & Near Eastern Studies, 330 
Folwell Hall, Univ. of Minnesota, Minneapolis MN  55455  USA.

Philip Sellew
Classical & Near Eastern Studies            voicemail:  612-625-2026
University of Minnesota                     FAX:        612-624-4894