Re: God the Father of us and of Christ?

	I think that Larry Hutado is correct, the translation suggested 
seems "most unlikely". Also I don't think that this is a case of 
post-Nicene English translations, but to really check it out you would 
need to check the pre-Nicene versions (Coptic, Old Latin, Vulgate, etc) 
and the pre-Nicene papyrii. I'm sure that Pauline theology can handle 
love, grace, peace and his apostleship coming FROM BOTH the Father and 
Jesus Christ. He indeed places Jesus Christ in many introductory remarks 
and final remarks of his epistles "on the same level" as God the Father 
(at least they both give the same thing to believers).-- 
	As far as whether Paul explictly does this check out Titus 2:13 
where the verse calls the second coming of Jesus Christ the glorious 
appearing of "tou megalou theou KAI (and or perhaps "even") soteros 
hemon". This seems like a pretty powerful statement. 1 Timothy 1:1 may 
also mean this though the meaning is not as clear as the Titus passage.
1 Tim. 1:1: according to the commandment "theou soteros hemon KAI (and or 
EVEN?) Christou Iesou"
	Well, I'd like to close by sending you grace, peace and love from  
Jesus Christ our Lord AND God our Father and His. (See Gal. 1:1 where  
Jesus Christ is placed before the Father as BOTH give the apostleship 
call to Paul.)