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Date:     Wed, 15 Dec 1993 08:27 CST
Subject:  Dr. T. V. "Corky" Farris
To:       nt-greek@virginia
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This posting is a bit out of the ordinary for nt-greek, but I believe that some
of the readers are familiar with Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary in
Memphis, Tennessee, or perhaps familiar with one of our Old Testament profs,
Dr. T. V. "Corky" Farris.  Dr. Farris passed away last night from complications
brought on by pneumonia.  His death came as quite a shock to all of us in the
seminary family.  He had been admitted to the hospital just this past weekend
for the pneumonia, but had been in good health otherwise.

I know his family would appreciate everyone's prayers.

If you knew Dr. Farris and would care to send a card to his family, I'm sure
you could send it to them c/o MABTS, 1255 Poplar, Memphis TN 38104.