Re: Summer Greek in seminaries

David N. Wigtil wrote:

>      1. Two teachers, far better than one
>      2. No working students whatsoever (not even part-time)
>      3. Full year of second-year Greek immediately afterward
>      4. Ten weeks, not eight
>      5. Inductive method, somewhat better than traditional deduct.
>      6. Drill sections, new-material sections, and BREAKS!
>      7. Air-conditioning

#5. I think the inductive/deductive question should include BOTH, and 
should be tailored for stressing whichever method meets the personality 
style (sensing/intuitive) of the individual.

I would add #8.  Keep giving incentives, e.g., showing texts where 
this lesson makes a difference in interpretation of a passage.  When
seminary students can see the goal of clear understanding of a passage
(or at least the problems in the passage that grammatical concerns will
sway the outcome), they persevere.

A biggie for many.  #0.  A brush-up prolegomena in English grammar.  
I.e., parts of speech, sentence structure, diagramming: the basics.
Most of my classmates couldn't learn the Greek because it was taught
in a foreign language (formal English) they did not know.

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