Durham: Post in NT Studies (REVISED)

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I am resending the announcement regarding the post in New Testment Studies
at Durham University since the file was corrupted somewhere between here
and the list.

I hope that this clarifies matters (especially the salary which is in
British Pounds).

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                 U N I V E R S I T Y  O F  D U R H A M
               D E P A R T M E N T  O F  T H E O L O G Y

               Lectureship  in  New  Testament  Studies
                       (Reference No.  A266)

Applications are invited for a Lectureship in New Testament Studies in the
Department of Theology from October 1, 1994.

The initial salary is expected to be at an appropriate point on the
Lecturers' Scale Grade B (19,642 - 25,107 per annum).  However, for
exceptional candidates, appointment may be possible at Senior Lecturer
level (26,359).

The postgraduate school in Theology is one of the largest in the
University and in the country.  Its international reputation, not least in
New Testament studies, attracts candidates from all over the world.  The
weekly New Testament postgraduate seminar is a long established

In each of the three national Research Assessment Exercises Durham
Theology has been placed in the highest rank.  The Department is
determined to maintain this tradition.  An active research programme and a
record of publication will therefore be important factors in the choice of
the successful candidate.

No particular area of special competence is specified for the lecturer to
be appointed, though a specialist competence in Greco-Roman background
together with a lively interest in New Testament theology would complement
other specialist interests within the Department.  It is presumed,
however, that the successful candidate will be competent to teach across
the field of New Testament studies, while at the same time providing and
developing a particular contribution to the Department's programme of
research and teaching.  The successful candidate may be expected to
contribute to the teaching of New Testament Greek.

More broadly, an interest in relating New Testament studies to other areas
of theology and allied disciplines would be an advantage.  An awareness of
issues in hermeneutics, and a readiness to contribute to the theory and
practice of interpretation in the Department as a whole would also be

The successful candidate will be expected to shoulder an appropriate share
of Departmental administration.

The shortlisted candidates will be called for interview probably in the
week beginning February 21st, 1994.  They should anticipate an overnight
stay.  They will be expected to make a 20 minute presentation to a mixed
class of faculty and students, and to answer questions thereon.  Following
an appropriate social occasion (warm, supportive collegiality is a major
consideration) there will be the usual intensive interview.

For further particulars please write to the Director of Personnel,
University of Durham, Old Shire hall, Durham DH1 3HP, England.  The
closing date for receipt of applications is 17 January 1994.  Please quote
Reference A266.  The Personnel Office will be closed on 24 December and
will re-open on 4 January 1994.