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>                                  AUGUSTINE
>                                 The Seminar
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>   As foretold on most of these lists a few weeks ago, I am to
> conduct a course this spring targeted at beginning graduate
> students designed to introduce the thought and works of Augustine
> of Hippo.  This course, taught in the usual way at the University
> of Pennsylvania, will also be opened to an Internet audience.  By
> signing up for the listserv (instructions below), you may
> participate in all discussions.  No prerequisites.  I expect
> Internet participants to resemble the Internet humanist community
> generally, ranging from smart undergrads eager to learn to wise old
> professors still eager to learn.
>   Topics in the course will broadly cover main issues and major
> works of Augustine.  A syllabus will be posted next week.
> "Influence" will be addressed indirectly, but I hope to follow on
> the seminar with an "interscripta" seminar (through the courtesy of
> the organizers of that medtextl-based enterprise) that would be
> expressly devoted to Augustine's influence:  that should happen in
> late spring.
>   The pattern will be roughly this:  On Sunday evening, I will post
> materials preliminary to the Monday afternoon liveware seminar.  On
> Monday evening, students in the liveware seminar will take turns
> posting minutes of the day's discussions.  The Internet discussion
> will then continue through the week.  In addition, we hope to
> experiment with a MOO-based method of arranging "live" on-line
> discussion through the net.  (No MOO-experts at this end:  if
> anyone interested in the course has worked in a MOO environment,
> I'd be glad for a little advice and encouragement.)
>   There is also already a gopher entry on the gopher at
> ccat.sas.upenn.edu (menu 7, Course Materials, then menu 3,
> Classical Studies, then menu 2, Latin 566:  Augustine [in the same
> folder, Classical Studies 28, The Worlds of Late Antiquity, is an
> undergraduate course I teach; the listserv for that is closed to
> the liveware students in the room, but there will be some
> interesting things on the gopher]), which contains an English
> translation (by E.B. Pusey) of the *Confessions* of Augustine,
> shortly to be WAIS-indexed, and will contain other "handouts".
>   First meeting of the liveware class is Monday, 10 January, so it
> is time to begin subscribing.  Simply send an e-mail message to
> listserv@ccat.sas.upenn.edu and say in it only SUBSCRIBE AUGUSTINE.
> To remove yourself from the list, do likewise but say only
>   Textbooks on order for the course include Peter Brown's biography
> of Augustine, Brown's *Body and Society*, my own *Augustine* in the
> Twayne World Authors Series, and Gillian Clark, *Augustine:  The
> Confessions* (new in paperback from Cambridge Press); laying hold
> of copies of Confessions, City of God, On Christian Doctrine, and
> whatever other works of A. appeal to you would be a good
> precaution.
> Jim O'Donnell
> Department of Classical Studies
> University of Pennsylvania
> jod@ccat.sas.upenn.edu