Logos Systems Software

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Did you ever get a satisfactory answer to this query? I probably have
some information somewhere, if you still need it (the name of the
software rings a bell), but I don't see it listed in Ian Lancashire's
Humanities Computing Yearbook. Wonder if I ever mentioned Logos in the
OFFLINE columns? Hard to recall.

Hope all is going well. New Year's best wishes to you too!

> From: "A. T. Kraabel" <kraabela@martin.luther.edu>
> Subject: LOGOS software
> Date: Mon, 27 Dec 93 15:26:18 -0600
> I recently talked to a computer prefessionalRecently a computer professional
(no Bible student!) told me he had seen t
> software this company provides for searching the Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic
> biblical texts, along wuth thie major English versions.  He was very
> with the technical side: speed, capacity and the like.
> Can anyone who has used it as a research tool comment on its usefulness
> I don't have the name of the software, but the company is at 800/87-LOGOS.
> Many thanks, and Happy New Year!!
> kraabela@luther.edu