Reading Greek text

WinGreek is a shareware package for Microsoft Windows systems
for dealing with Greek, Coptic, and Hebrew.  It supplies a
keyboard diacritic-handler and screen and printer fonts of various
sizes, including truetype fonts.  FTP it from CICA, WUArchive, or the like.

By the way, I'm trying to convert the WinGreek fonts to TeX PK format.
Has anyone already done it and could save me the trouble?

I enjoy Linux+MGR better than DOS+Microsoft Windows, so I have created
some Unix tools parallel to WinGreek.  I've hacked together
a 9x17 Greek font in MGR format with diacritics, using the same
encoding sequence as the Wingreek Greek fonts.  This allows
me to browse Greek texts with the "less" pager or "mg" (emacs).
I've also patched mg to permit keyboarding of 8-bit characters
by means of digraphs, a' -> a-with-smooth-breathing, etc.
This is set up for Greek and for all of the ISO8859 charsets.
If anyone is dying to try this, email me.

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