NT Expansion Nag Hammadi

I hope this message is appearing on the general network, I'm new to it. I am 
intrested in discussing seriously expaneding the NT A have a paperin the 
works for publication as well as a "canonical" arraingment of several tested 
that should have been include (Gospel of Thomas, Book of Thomas, Apycrophon 
of James, Teaching of  Silvanus , Gospel of Phillip, and the Odes of 
Solomon, also Gosple of Mary dispite it's fragmentarynature). I am loking 
for publishers and co-evangelists, who believe that thw possibity of NT 
expanision is possible, or even need. As the 21 century approaches we need a 
NT that represents the true plurality of the primative period, I am commited 
to expanding the NT, In addition I think extreme pressure need to be applied 
tp the Vaticin to realease any literature they have regarding early 
Christianity. Anyone intrested in this type of approach or with a criticism 
should contact me also any general discussions on Gnostic elements in 
Christianity don.k.harrison.jr.@umich.cc.edu